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Legacy Women goes International

Drs. Melody Cofield and Gabrielle Bedewi present at the

Petroleum Institute-Abu Dhabi U.A.E.

Leadership & Management Workshops

Abi Dhabi-Large

Our goal is to have an international presence for women’s leadership and a global understanding of women’s perspectives and leadership roles. Our presentation at the Petroleum Institute has allowed us to realize our dream of becoming an international player empowering women’s leadership globally.” — Dr. Cofield


Predictive Modeling and Social Capital Leadership

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CYRUS Institute of Knowledge (CIK)

Exploring Sustainable Development, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship Opportunities — Dubai U.A.E.



The Life You Live Is The Legacy You Leave

We help create, brand, document, and preserve the legacy of extraordinary women. We provide this through online legacy products and services, education, social platforms, partnership channels, and women’s advocacy.

Legacy Women Institute International is both a social enterprise and women’s membership network committed to advancing positive social change for women, accelerating women’s potential, and propelling women into leadership roles. By integrating our online services with social platforms and partnership channels, we are able to provide unique opportunities for members to actively engage in legacy content, conversations, community, and collaboration.

As a social enterprise, we are thought leaders, visionaries, and pioneers of the Legacy Women Movement by forwarding women’s evolution and empowering a world consciousness that openly embraces and utilizes the full potential of women. Our goal is for women to be defined and guided by the legacies they leave behind. Make a difference. Join the movement.

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